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KEMELIN PARTNERS is an architecture and interior design studio based in London. We offer design services nationally and internationally, specialising in commercial, residential and hospitality projects.

Our work is all about the people who use it, the way they will inhabit and experience the buildings and places that we design. Our approach is to create sustainable places that respond to a person's comfort, with consideration of how our designs will adapt and retain their relevance for years to come. 


We aim to see our projects through to completion, making them helps us advance to design better places. The way buildings and spaces are connected, felt and used, shapes all our work. We value simplicity and elegance, as well as wise use of resources. We collaborate with our clients and partners to develop better places for shared health and well-being. 


We are a collective of talented and passionate design professionals, where each of us bring their own unique backgrounds and perspectives to buildings, spaces and people that we work with.

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